The most in-demand technologies in Fall 2022 for Nordic software consultants

There’s always a lot of demand for skilled developers, even in these turbulent times. Many companies laid off developers before this summer, which freed a lot of talent. Also, many contracts typically end at the end of H1, so there was plenty of movement within both salaried and freelance talent.

Note: this post has been updated for 2024. See the updated versions for Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Even despite this shaky environment and a lot of available talent in the market, we see a dire need especially for specialized developers. There are a couple of specialties and skills that we’d like to highlight here.

Looking from a specific technology point of view, Java and React are still the top two technologies we see in our projects. If you browse our project wall, you’re seeing these two more consistently than any other technology.

We mentioned that specialized developers are in need. Still, there are always some mainstays in terms of generalists. Fullstack developers are always in demand – this hasn’t changed. Backend developers are also in demand overall, regardless of technology choices.

Data talents are trending big time. More and more companies are seeking data engineers and data scientists, and SQL is one of the top in-demand skills for everybody. We believe in this trend so strongly that we created a business unit specifically specialized in data talents: Witted Data. So if you are a data talent, ping us! We offer both salaried positions at Witted Data and freelance positions at Witted Partners.

Cloud specialists in general are in great demand. Azure and AWS are going strong as always, but if we’d single out one technology that is definitely on the rise in our projects, it would be Google Cloud Platform.

The world and the economy are a bit of a mess currently, but a developer’s life doesn’t have to be. We want you and so do many others. If you’re interested in working with us on these projects, please let us know. We’ll be in touch.