Material bank

Guides for succeeding in software consulting

Organization’s software development is secured by being able to catch the best talent. Our material bank will help you succeed in software consulting in 2023: Get a glance of the current market landscape and learn how to win the best talent for projects, become an irresistible employer brand and build diverse teams.

The state of Nordic software consulting

The Nordic software consulting business dealt with a challenging environment in the first half of 2023: Less projects, more available consultants, heated price competition, and even change negotiations. Download our guide to grasp the key elements of the changed market environment.

How to win the best software consultants

Organization’s software development is secured by being able to catch the best talent. Learn what Nordic senior software consultants value in their clients in 2023 and how to attract the best talent for your software projects.

How to become an irresistible employer brand

Want to level up your organization's capability to attract and retain talent? This guide will help you figure out which employer brand maturity stage your organization is currently at and how to level up from beginner to expert.

As a sweet cherry on top, you’ll also get a crash course for measuring brand awareness, attractiveness and reputation.

Building diverse teams

DEI – diversity, equity and inclusion – is a hot topic that should be on everyone’s agenda. What do these words actually mean and why DEI is so important?

In this webinar recording, we will give an introduction to different dimensions of workplace diversity and present a new perspective on recruiting. You will learn how to build a more inclusive recruitment process as well as practical techniques and strategies to attract and hire diverse candidates.