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Guides for securing your competitive advantage in the digital era

Because every company will eventually become a software company, software development plays a significant role in shaping the success of organizations across various sectors. The mission of our guides and resources is to empower individuals and organizations by offering market insight and practical tips for succeeding in the ever-changing IT landscape.

Witted Insights

Witted Insights is a monthly report that examines the headcount growth of over 150 Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish software consultancies. Moreover, the report investigates the development of project supply and consultants' hourly price. Subscribe to get Nordic software consulting market insight directly to your inbox! You'll get the latest report immediately after subscribing.

How to onboard software consultants effectively

Onboarding software consultants effectively is crucial for ensuring they can contribute to the project as quickly as possible. Here we present the steps for creating an efficient and user-friendly onboarding process that accelerates software consultants’ path to productivity.

Building a future-proof software architecture

Successful software architecture design is a strategic investment that integrates technical excellence with business objectives. Download our guide for key principles of building a future-proof software architecture that ensures your investment yields long-term value without breaking the bank.

Senior developers' salary level in Finland in 2024

How much are senior developers paid in Finland in 2024, and how does your organization fare in terms of salary competitiveness? Download the salary review to explore the typical salary categories (low, mid-level, high and top) and how the salary ranges vary per industry.

Assessing your organization's digital maturity

Digital maturity is closely tied to business operations at every level. To remain competitive in the digitalizing world, organizations simply cannot afford low digital maturity and not to own the capability to build their own software.

This guide helps you define your current digital maturity level and how to empower your organization to shake off the shackles of vendor lock-ins and take the lead in software development.

Kjøpsguide: Anskaffelse av IT-konsulenter

De innstrammende regelendringene i arbeidsmiljøloven regulerer innleie for alle norske selskap. Det er derfor avgjørende å ha kontroll på hvilke regler som gjelder for at deres bedrift kan innhente IT-kompetanse på lovlig vis. I denne guiden hjelper vi deg med vurderingene for hvordan man kan manøvrere det nye lovverket, og gir dere tips til å redusere risikoen dere bærer som innleier.

The state of Nordic software consulting in 2023

The Nordic software consulting business dealt with a challenging environment in the first half of 2023: Less projects, more available consultants, heated price competition, and even change negotiations. Download our guide to grasp the key elements of the changed market environment.

How to win the best software consultants

Organization’s software development is secured by being able to catch the best talent. Learn what Nordic senior software consultants value in their clients and how to attract the best talent for your software projects.

10 tactics for cost-effective software development

This guide introduces 10 smart approaches for cost-conscious software development. You’ll also learn which factors affect the price of software development.

Talent acquisition and employer branding

Business growth is about people. Dive into different dimensions of talent acquisition and employer branding, and become better at attracting, hiring and retaining top talent.