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Building Software Capabilities and Teams

No matter what field you operate in, your business is – and will become – even more digital. The capability to build software is all about the people. We will help you get the right people, utilizing our network of 3500 IT professionals, and we will help your organization level up in software development capabilities.

Developers & Digital Teams

Accelerate your software development and secure its continuity. With us, you will get handpicked developers matched to your need, saving you precious time. The roster of over 4000 senior developers will make sure we will find you a perfect fit in minimal lead time.

Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding

To prosper in the digital future, you need to win the competition for the hard-to-get IT talents. We help you attract, recruit and retain IT talents through talent acquisition and employer branding.

Talented is the Witted company specializing in recruitment and employer branding.

Drive Your Business and Digital Transformation

Secure your competitive advantage – let us lead the change in your digital business. Our experts combine management and subject matter expertise with practical hands-on experience from enterprise transformations. Our network is especially strong in the intersection of business, technology and large business transformations.

NeXec is the Witted company specializing in business and digital transformations.

Join the Witted Ecosystem

We are constantly searching for new partnerships and companies to acquire. We turbocharge your growth.

If your company solves the best possible work life for developers in a novel way or is in a market new to us, please reach out! We’d love to join together to broaden the diversity of offers for all the amazing talent we work with.

If you’re a software consultancy looking for new projects, we have a lot of onsite and remote projects up for grabs in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the US and elsewhere. Becoming a Witted partner means your talents will have access to all the best projects in the Nordics.

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