Most in-demand technologies of 2024 for Norwegian Software Consultants

Change is the only constant in the IT industry. Last year we saw some fluctuation in demand and the turbulence persists now in 2024. However, one thing remained unchanged: the perpetual need for skills in the hottest technologies and skilled senior developers.

With our extensive project flow in the Nordics and a substantial network of developers, we have an insider's perspective on the skills and technologies in high demand, as well as those that may have lost some of their previous popularity. This insight is derived from our project data and our experiences in matching skillsets with client expectations.

Norway seems to love Azure. It has risen to the most requested technology requirement in the market, which is something we’re not seeing in our other markets. We saw the trend shift a couple of years ago as Azure overtook AWS as the most sought after cloud technology for Norwegian consultants. Now, it is peaking – this is the first time we’re seeing a cloud technology surpassing everything else in demand. It’s truly a sign of the times.

While some things evolve, certain elements remain constant. If you're skilled in React or Java, you're in high demand. These technologies have consistently held their popularity for a long time, and there's no sign of this trend reversing.

Kubernetes warrants a special mention. It is increasingly mentioned as an additional requirement alongside diverse tech stacks.

Outside tech choices, we’re seeing a surge in demand for project managers. This is a good sign for the industry, as we see a lot of projects starting around the beginning of 2024. Consequently, there will be increased demand for developer roles in these projects, too.

If you specialize in these technologies and skillsets, we might have a future together. We offer several different models for developers and other IT professionals, all geared to providing the best possible work-life and a hefty income. See our for talents page and let’s get together.