Most in-demand technologies of 2024 for Swedish Software Consultants

Change is the only constant in the IT industry. Last year we saw some fluctuation in demand and the turbulence persists now in 2024. However, one thing remained unchanged: the perpetual need for skills in the hottest technologies and skilled senior developers.

With our extensive project flow in the Nordics and a substantial network of developers, we have an insider's perspective on the skills and technologies in high demand, as well as those that may have lost some of their previous popularity. This insight is derived from our project data and our experiences in matching skillsets with client expectations.

The demand for developers well-versed in cloud platforms is high in Sweden and keeps getting even higher. Cloudification is constantly increasing the amount of developers needed, especially those who have experience in Azure and AWS.

Even though we’ve seen a lot of change, one thing has stayed the same for quite a while: Java, React and Typescript are mainstays in the requirements we see in projects.

If you look outside specific technologies and focus on the skillsets, you see a lot of demand for data roles, including data analysts, data engineers and data scientists. Also, project management skills never go out of style.

If you specialize in these technologies and skillsets, we might have a future together. We offer several different models for developers and other IT professionals, all geared to providing the best possible work-life and a hefty income. See our for talents page and let’s get together.