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The truth is out – in the future every company will be a software company. Meet Witted. The enterprise that exists to be the universal change.

We think big because we can. We know winning the talent game is what matters. Mavericks, New Things Co and Talented have been our ways of experimenting and proving it true. Now we are all Witted. The only player in the market who understands both people and technology. We go where the happy talent rules. Everywhere!

With Witted’s help companies are reborn — as software motherships. Those ships will eventually sail independently. Instead of mere consultancy or individual projects or talents, our clients will own an internal capability. Navigating them into the future. The ethos of internal experimentation and development makes business soar. With a beyond normative spirit, radiating warm light.

We change the world, one happy software mothership at a time. This is just the beginning. Let’s take the trip together. We are your friend, the one mad enough to transform your game.

  • Personnel 400+

  • 15,6 M€ turnover 2020

  • 30 M€ turnover 2021

  • Community of 5000+ IT professionals

  • Pool of 2500+ software freelancers


Witted is a premiere software company, out to build new working life models in software and conquering the world as a force of good. And we want you to be part of the fun! Check our open positions and see if we’d mesh well together.

Witted Locations

  1. Helsinki, Finland

    Kaikukatu 4C, 3rd floor
    00530 Helsinki
    Google Maps >

  2. Turku, Finland

    Linnankatu 13 A-B 33, 7th floor
    20100 Turku
    Google maps >

  3. Oulu, Finland

    Uusikatu 24 F 56
    90100 Oulu
    Google Maps >

  4. Oslo, Norway

    Universitetsgata 2
    0164 Oslo
    Google Maps >

  5. Stockholm, Sweden

    Mäster Samuelsgatan 36,
    111 57 Stockholm
    Google Maps >

  6. Copenhagen, Denmark

    Højbro Pl. 10
    1200 København, Danmark
    Google Maps >

  7. New York City, NY, USA

    222 Broadway
    New York, NY 10038, USA
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Witted Key contact people

  1. Harri Sieppi

    Group CEO

  2. Teemu Tiilikainen


  3. Henry Lehto

    Marketing Director

  4. Kennet Jokisalo

    Sales, Software Development Consulting, Finland

  5. Anton Veijola

    Sales, Software Development Consulting, Finland

  6. Konsta Leskelä

    Sales, Software Development Consulting, Finland

  7. Tiina Suuronen

    Sales, TA Solutions and EB Consulting, Finland

  8. Veli-Matti Vikman

    Business Lead, Witted Data

  9. Patrick Høiby

    Head of Sales, Norway

  10. Svein Sørensen

    Sales, Denmark

Witted Norway

  1. Oslo, Norway

    Universitetsgata 2
    0164 Oslo

  2. Svein Sørensen


  3. Isaac Gray

    Head of Business, Software Development Consulting, Norway

WItted Sweden

  1. Stockholm, Sweden

    Mäster Samuelsgatan 36,
    111 57 Stockholm

  2. Mirjam Sundkvist

    Growth and Business Development Manager

Witted Companies

  1. New Things Co

    Lönnrotinkatu 20
    00120 Helsinki, Finland

    Key Contacts >

  2. Mavericks Finland

    Kaikukatu 4C
    00530 Helsinki

    Key Contacts >

  3. Mavericks Norway

    Universitetsgata 2
    0164 Oslo

    Key Contacts >

  4. Talented Finland

    Kaikukatu 4 C
    00530 Helsinki

    Key Contacts >

  5. Talented Norway

    Universitetsgata 2
    0164 Oslo

    Key contacts >

  6. NeXec

    Tekniikantie 14
    02150 Espoo, Finland

    Key contacts >

Press Kit

You can find the core assets for logos, photos and company facts for press in the kit below. Please contact henry.lehto@witted.com for further press inquiries.