Software development consulting

Get the best tech talent to accelerate software development

Accelerate your software development and secure its continuity. Witted helps you get the best tech talent for your projects, from single developers to ramp-up of entire units. The roster of over 2500 senior software consultants will make sure we will find you a perfect fit in minimal lead time.

Heavy-weight expertise for versatile needs

Quality – With us, you have access to over 2500 pre-vetted senior software consultants, averaging over 10 years of work experience and a proven track record from working in senior and lead roles at top organizations.

Wide range of expertise – We’ll help you find the right people no matter what your digital development project is. Developers, designers, data engineers, generalists or specialists, we’ve got you covered!

Scalability – Our large talent network and scalable way of working can get you a couple of senior talents or a hundred – whatever you need.

Efficiency – We pride ourselves in efficiency. Our matching process averages 4.5 days from request to delivering the professional your business needs. Moreover, our large talent pool ables us to offer talents directly, saving you communication, delivery, and cost.

Case study


The Finnish restaurant food and grocery delivery service Wolt has a large-scale software development operation with multiple internal teams, and constant digital development needs. Witted operated as Wolt’s flexible software development partner, providing extra developers for Wolt’s teams when they were short-handed or needed specialized skills, and taking ownership of product development in areas where Wolt didn’t want to allocate its own people’s time.

"We wanted to deliver a good impact for our customer faster by onboarding a group of consultants and mixing them over time with current Wolt employees." Régis Déau, Engineering Director, Payments and Fintech, Wolt

The Witted way of working

We coach our consultants throughout the co-operation. This is for the benefit of the client, the consultant, and us – all three. Our coaching process is focused on constant improvement, discovery of needs and identifying obstacles before they affect the work.

Our matching process is handled with care. The matching is done by IT industry professionals who find the right pre-interviewed and validated talents for the projects. For us, it’s about the people and our relationship with them.


  1. Sini Kiviniemi

    Sales Director, Finland

  2. Sami Willberg

    Sales Director, Finland

  3. Isaac Gray

    Sales Director, Norway

  4. Patrick Høiby

    Sales, Norway

  5. Svein Sørensen

    Sales, Denmark

  6. Thomas Fleming

    CCO, Sweden