Most in-demand technologies of 2024 for Finnish Software Consultants

Change is the only constant in the IT industry. Last year we saw some fluctuation in demand and the turbulence persists now in 2024. However, one thing remained unchanged: the perpetual need for skills in the hottest technologies and skilled senior developers.

With our extensive project flow in the Nordics and a substantial network of developers, we have an insider's perspective on the skills and technologies in high demand, as well as those that may have lost some of their previous popularity. This insight is derived from our project data and our experiences in matching skillsets with client expectations.

Cloud is clearly on the rise in all of the Nordic countries and Finland is no exception. As more and more organizations are increasingly transferring their business to the cloud, Azure and AWS are in very high demand. GCP is coming slightly behind these two.

Fullstack developers are always sought after. The tech stacks that we are seeing the biggest demand for are Java, especially in combination with Python and Spring, or the three classics: React, Typescript and Node.js, increasingly often combined with cloud technologies.

On the mobile development side, we are seeing a lot of demand for Swift, and the combo of Java, Kotlin, and React Native.

When looking at which competencies are on the rise, we have seen a boost in demand for test automation skills and DevOps skills. Also, the need for data roles has been skyrocketing in the last few years and still continues its upward trajectory in 2024. If you are a data engineer, data architect, data scientist or ML/AI expert, you’re in luck. There’s finite supply and lots of demand.

If you specialize in these technologies and skillsets, we might have a future together. We offer several different models for developers and other IT professionals, all geared to providing the best possible work-life and a hefty income. See our for talents page and let’s get together.