Witted Insights

Witted Insights

Witted Insights is a monthly overview of the Nordic software consulting business' market situation. Subscribe now, and you'll know how the companies in the industry are doing. You will receive updated reports every month. The latest report will be sent to you immediately after subscribing.

Nordic software industry overview

Witted collects public data from the Nordic software consulting market to analyze how the companies in the industry are doing. We examine the success of over 150 companies through the number of employees, and use open data sources to collect the information. Please note that the data is only indicative and is bound to have inaccuracies due to the limitations in the available public data and our estimation methods.

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Examined data

Fastest-growing companies

This data examines the success of over 150 Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish software consultancies through the number of employees. We track the fastest-growing companies both on a monthly and annual basis. Please note that we only examine consultancies that employ less than 1000 people.

Project supply

With this metric, we follow the development of the number of private and public sectors' software projects in Finland and Norway, using the visibility we have of the market.

Hourly price development

With this metric, we monitor the hourly price development of the software consultants working through Witted in Finland and Norway.