Witted Data

Turbocharging business with Data

Witted Data helps companies to design, process, build and scale data solutions. Our consultants work with complex projects making discoverable data storages, smooth data flows and integrations that actually work.

The focus of our business lies on making data consulting understandable, simple and fun!

For companies

Witted Data is the connection point for the best Data and Business Intelligence talent and projects. We provide companies with the brightest minds in the field, ready to solve the most demanding data challenges.

For Data Experts

Want to focus merely on building challenging data solutions with latest technologies and leave project implementations to someone else? Witted Data allows you to focus on what you're best at, and rewards you with top of the market compensation.

Calculate your compensation

90 €/h
158 h/mo
Breakdown You
Revenue 14220 € Side expenses 2745 €
Your share 9954 € Gross salary 7208 €


  1. Veli-Matti Vikman

    Business Lead, Witted Data