The Most In-demand Technologies in Sweden Heading into 2023

Read on to learn which technologies are the most in-demand for software consultants in Sweden heading into 2023!

Note: this post has been updated for 2024 - see the updated post here.

Witted has been tracking the demand for senior software consultants in the Nordics for the past several years now, and there are a couple of specialties and skills that we’d like to highlight from the Swedish market. To stay competitive as a software consultant in Sweden, you might want to include these most in-demand technologies and skills to your toolbox.

The demand for Cloud Specialists with especially Azure and AWS skills has been steady throughout 2022, and we expect this trend to continue in 2023. If you’d like to stand out in the international markets, you might want to add Google Cloud Platform to your repertoire.

Data has been trending in 2022, not only in Sweden but in the whole Nordics. More and more companies are seeking Data Engineers and Data Scientists, and SQL, Kafka, Kubernetes, and Terraform are one of the top in-demand skills for Data Experts.

Fullstack Developers have been in high demand for several year now, and we don't see this changing in 2023. Looking from a specific technology point of view, Java, .NET and JavaScript have been the most sought-after areas of expertise in IT in 2022 in Sweden. We expect these technologies to remain in high demand in 2023, too.

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