Witted is looking for new companies to join the megacorp

We’re going to make Witted Megacorp even more mega. We’re actively looking for companies to acquire.

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    Harri Sieppi
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They say that this kind of stuff should be hush hush and supersecret. We get it - but we also want to be supertransparent. We have actively and openly said at IPO time that one of the objectives of the IPO is to have a publicly listed stock to use as a tool in acquisitions.

So now we are trying to find the right matches. We want you to join Witted if you are:

  • An IT consultancy that has a specialized employee or customer offering

  • Driving yearly revenue of 5 M to 20 M EUR profitably.

  • Having current presence in one or several Nordic markets

  • Bonus points for having a strong foothold in public sector on your local market

What we offer you:

  • Retaining your independence - you should have your own culture, operative responsibility

  • Strong sales pipeline: we had 400 million EUR worth of projects in the pipeline in 2021.

  • International expansion: presence in FI / SE / NO / DK / US

  • Additional strength to your client work

  • An opportunity to turn your stock ownership liquid as Witted is a publicly listed company.

  • Leveling up to becoming a part of a bigger company – a megacorp, if you will

More details available at

Let’s talk. Please contact our CEO Harri Sieppi via LinkedIn or email to start the discussion.