Witted is actively looking for acquisitions

Join The Megacorp

We’re going to make Witted Megacorp even more mega. We’re actively looking for companies to acquire.

Our growth plans are ambitious. In addition to talking the talk, we have walked the walk, too. We have doubled our size year-over-year consistently and we are aiming for 150 M EUR revenue by 2025.


  • IT consultancies that are specialized in either their employee or customer offering.
  • Current presence in one or several Nordic markets - especially interested in companies in Sweden and Denmark
  • Bonus points for having a strong foothold in public sector on your local market
  • Yearly revenue of roughly 5 M to 20 M EUR
  • Profitability
  • The right attitude
    • Being the trailblazer in your sector
    • Willing to focus on growth
    • Primary focus on personnel and differentation in the competition for talent
    • Willing to be networked and open rather than closed and aggressive


  • Retaining your independence
    • The Witted way is to create different work environments and ways of working instead of creating a one size fits all culture
    • The current leadership should continue building the current success story
    • You will still make the decisions on your own business and have the operative responsibility
  • Strong sales pipeline
    • We had 400 million EUR worth of projects in the pipeline in 2021.
    • Over 100 open projects for grabs constantly
  • Nordic expansion: presence in FI / SE / NO / DK
  • Opening up business in US, other markets in planning
  • Additional strength to your customer work (Over 4500 IT experts in our community)
  • Aid in recruiting - our Talented business is specialized in accelerating growth
  • Aid in running a growth company (finance, legal, HR, marketing, for example)
  • Investments in your growth
  • An opportunity to turn your stock ownership liquid as Witted is a publicly listed company
  • Leveling up to becoming a part of a bigger company – a megacorp, if you will.

Please contact CEO Harri Sieppi at harri.sieppi@witted.com to start the discussion.