Want the best developers? You can have them (if you act fast).

We've got a secret to share with you

Here’s a trade secret: The best time to get the most in-demand developers is at the end of the year. The software consulting industry is strongly seasonal. An outsized share of projects end in December, freeing talent. This is an opportunity. Now’s the time to get the most in-demand developers for your projects before they’re gone again in January.

We have a roster of over 2500 senior developers. Specialists, generalists, skilled in common and rarer technologies. Folks available in Finland, Norway, Sweden and elsewhere – for local and remote work. We’ve gathered and vetted these talents so your business can grow.

Our matching team will help you out. We know our talent. We’ll get to know your business needs and find the right fit.

Now’s the best possible time for you. Let’s build your team.


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  1. Anton Veijola

    Sales, Finland

  2. Kennet Jokisalo

    Sales, Finland

  3. Patrick Høiby

    Sales, Norway

  4. Svein Sørensen

    Sales, Denmark