New compliant solutions

Solutions for consultants

Witted is growing and now offers more opportunities for our consultants. The foundation of our models is based on our transparent approach where we provide consultants with insight, autonomy, and participation. Today, we have two models; Mavericks Consulting and our new Ownership Model.

Mavericks is a proven model that has been in existence in Norway and Finland for over 5 years, with over 90 employed consultants. This model provides consultants with commission-based pay and a minimum salary. Press the black button below to read more about Mavericks.

Witted's Ownership Model is designed to mirror the freelance lifestyle. The solution is stripped of overheads and offers a higher economic upside when you're on a project, albeit with a lower minimum salary than with Mavericks. Keep reading for an introduction to the Ownership Model.


  • Together with consultants, we establish small jointly owned companies with 3-20 employees, who also become owners in their business.
  • These companies are based on our Ownership Model and together will constitute Witted's consultant community.
  • Projects are routed through Witted, and we take a margin on the projects as usual, but ensure good access to exciting projects in return.
  • Witted manages everything in the company centrally. This way, we reduce all overheads in the companies and maximize your compensation. As a result, you can focus entirely on your own project.

WITTED contributes with

Administration of the company

Billing and finance support

Sales support

Legal support

HR support

No additional invoicing of costs, unless extraordinary expenses occur.

We aim to create success for the consultants in our network. Therefore, we facilitate for consultants to fully focus on solutions for the client.

Witted want the model to provide a solid framework for project delivery, as well as predictability in project flow from one project to another.

Salary model


We calculate that on average, 10% of the revenue goes into the dividend pool, which the consultant receives as a payout on their shares

Business expenses

Business expenses are related to the efficiency of the company. Approximately 10% goes towards savings for sick leave and costs between projects, as well as insurance and accounting. If business expenses are lower, the money will be moved to the dividend pool.

Salary in project

80% of the revenue goes towards the consultant's salary. Approximately 60% of this amount goes directly into the consultant's pocket as gross salary. The remaining approximately 20% of the revenue is allocated to cover vacation pay, pension, and employer contributions.

Minimum salary

Salary between projects is set at approx. 14,000 NOK per month for legal reasons. A minimum wage is established as zero-contract hours are not leagal.

One size fits all

We know that not all consultants are in the same situation. Therefore, 'one size fits all' doesn't work. We let you decide your desired risk profile. With us, higher risk yields higher commission. Check out the comparison below and see what suits you.

Full-time employee in-house
Mavericks CONSULTANCYhouse
Witted ownership model
Commission (70/30)
min. 40.000,- NOK per mnd
Commission (80/20 + dividend)
min. 14.000,- NOK per mnd
Associated risk
Freedom to choose project
Sales support
Economic administration
Administration of the company
HR support
Equipment coverage