Witted Software Development Purchasing Manifesto


Witted believes that these four things are prerequisites for buying software development the right way. This is how the purchaser, seller and developers thrive.

All companies will become software companies.

  • Companies that embrace digitalization grow the fastest. Because of this, software development capability will become a key competitive factor in all companies.

The buyer of software development must be on the driver’s seat

  • Digitalization is a key aspect of business, and its strongest driver is software development. Therefore, the purchasing company must be the one who leads it. This requires a higher level of digital maturity than purchasing software development project deliveries.

The purchaser needs to gain the software capability, not the vendor.

  • If software development is bought only as total project deliveries, the capability is not built in the buyer’s organization. This also creates a vendor lock-in. When development is done in teams led by the purchaser, the purchaser gains the software capability.

Efficiency comes from the best developers and a short value chain.

  • In software development, the competition is for the best developers. Companies that win the talent war can offer the best talent in the most competitive way. Since the differences in the productivity of the agents are massive, efficiency for the buyer does not come from hunting for the lowest possible hourly prices, but from getting the best talent efficiently.

When software development is purchased using these principles, the purchasing organization gains a competitive advantage in software development capability, which drives growth and profitability.


  1. Anton Veijola

    Sales, Finland

  2. Kennet Jokisalo

    Sales, Finland