Talent Acquisition Solutions


Recruiting IT professionals and executives is a tough job. When you need senior technology talent for either ongoing or single challenging needs, our talent acquisition solutions make the hiring easy. Choose between outsourced recruitment assignment and in-house recruitment consulting, and leave a selected part or the entire recruitment process to us.

Recruitment Assignments

An easy and efficient way to recruit IT professionals and executives. We search and introduce you to the pre-validated candidates that match your needs and are interested in your organization. Instead of application hassle and sourcing, you get to directly meet the candidates of your interest. Success fee pricing with an upfront starting fee.

  • One-off or ongoing recruitment needs

  • Specialists and generalists

  • C-level headhunting (CTO, CDO)

In-house Recruitment Consulting

A flexible and versatile way to hire technical and creative roles as well as to level up recruitment and streamline its processes. Whether you need an extra brain to carry out recruitment processes or support to make them more efficient, we’ve got you. Our in-house consultants can take responsibility for a selected part of the recruitment process or the entire process.

In in-house consulting, our consultant works as part of the client’s team to achieve the goals set. The focus can be on both leveling up recruitment related activities as well as finding the best matches. With every consultant comes also the diverse expertise gained in various industries and clients, ready for you to be utilized. Hourly rate based pricing.

  • Sourcing, headhunting, screening

  • Technical evaluations and interviews, testing

  • Developing recruitment process and candidate experience

  • International recruitments

  • Recruitment strategies

This is how it works

1 - Get in touch

Whether you have the goal crystal clear ahead or are still figuring out the next steps in terms of recruiting, we’d be happy to hear from you.

2 - Let's get to know each other

We cannot wait to get to know your business, culture and the recruitment needs. After familiarizing ourselves with these we can suggest the best way to proceed: outsourced talent acquisition or in-house consulting.

3 - Pricing & contract

The pricing for recruitment assignments is success fee based. In in-house recruitment consulting, the pricing is hourly based. The hourly price depends on the length, difficulty and scope of the case.

4 - Let's get to work!


  1. Sini Kiviniemi

    Sales Director, Finland

  2. Sami Willberg

    Sales Director, Finland

  3. Isaac Gray

    Sales Director, Norway

  4. Patrick Høiby

    Sales, Norway

  5. Svein Sørensen

    Sales, Denmark

  6. Thomas Fleming

    CCO, Sweden