Employer Branding

Building Great Employer Brands

To thrive in the competitive IT talent market, you need a strong employer brand. Witted helps companies to attract and retain the hard-to-get IT talents with employer brand consulting. We are equipped to utilize our expertise in any industry, from local to global organizations.

Case study


Explore how investing in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) has helped a world-famous cyber security company F-Secure to fuel growth and navigate big changes in the company. With the help of a Witted, F-Secure hired over 100 cyber security professionals in one year and embarked a company wide DEI journey, that has been pivotal in shaping the new company, fostering culture, bridging talent gaps and building new digital teams after a demerger and business acquisition.

Case study


Read how the public welfare company Päijät-Sote reduced recruitment costs by facelifting their Employer Band with Witted. The project included e.g. developing recruitment practices and candidate experience, building new career pages for tech hires, producing Employer Branding content, and redefining employer value proposition. As a sum of all activities, Päijät-Sote has been receiving a record amount of organic job applications.


  1. Sini Kiviniemi

    Sales Director, Finland

  2. Sami Willberg

    Sales Director, Finland

  3. Isaac Gray

    Sales Director, Norway

  4. Patrick Høiby

    Sales, Norway

  5. Svein Sørensen

    Sales, Denmark

  6. Thomas Fleming

    CCO, Sweden