The benefits of using software freelancers

When there's an urgent or short time need for a specific IT talent, the benefits of using software freelancers over hiring a full-time employee are overpowering. Here we have listed the most important benefits of using software freelancers.

Here’s a scenario: A client of yours calls to tell you they need a team of three Talents in two weeks. All of your developers are busy with other projects, and you could maybe free one of them so what do you do? Using freelancers shortly occurs your mind, but you quickly shake the idea off with the good old arguments like

  • freelancers won’t stick around
  • no great value for the business to hire someone for a couple of months
  • a full-time employee is a longer-term solution, which is obviously better
  • freelancers are expensive

When there’s an urgent or short time need for a specific Talent, hiring a full-time employee is not the most cost-effective nor the fastest way to find the right Talent. The solution for your problem is freelancers, and below we have gathered the most important benefits of using freelancers.

The most important benefits of using freelancers

Win more deals

By using freelancers, you won’t lose a deal because you don’t have free Talents available.

Start projects faster

Think about this: There’s an urgent task that you need to get started and moving forward, and you want to hire a new employee to do that. Realistically speaking, you can rarely hire a top-notch professional within weeks because they are the best in class and can afford to take their time to think about the next career move, plus they have a one month term of notice. Freelancers, on the other hand, are available with a shorter notice and can get the work started while you look for the new employee. By using freelancers, you get quick and easy access to temporary tasks and get the work started or done without adding headcount. Also, if you want to rotate your own staff to new projects, you can use freelancers for the maintenance work of the ongoing project.


You only pay freelancers for their services. You are not obliged to pay for benefits nor provide workspace or equipment. The other advantage is that freelancers are work-ready professionals that require no training.

Unique expertise

When you don’t (necessarily) have geographic restrictions, you can find even the most unique Talents to meet your needs.

Quality of work and effectiveness

Freelancers strive to turn in their best work, every time. They really have the need to contribute every hour because that’s what they get paid for. By delivering top quality effectively, freelancers pursue to maintain the relationship for the present and the future cooperation possibilities. Moreover, freelancers are mostly senior talents who can deliver a lot of things in a short period of time.

Experience and innovativeness

These talents are normally very seasoned professionals, who have seen a variety of companies and projects and can utilize all that vast experience. Freelancers also tend to be more innovative and up to date with the cutting-edge technologies, so they can bring new ideas to the table.

As you can see, the benefits of using freelancers over hiring a full-time employee are quite overpowering when there’s an urgent or short time need for a specific Talent.


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