The Most In-demand Technologies in 2023 for Nordic Software Consultants

There’s been uncertainty in the market overall, but for a skilled freelance developer getting a gig is a breeze, as there's still a lot more demand than supply for senior software developers.

They say classics never go out of style. The classics Java, Javascript, and the modern classics React and Typescript are going strong. Looking at our projects, these are mainstays on the top lists of requested technologies.

The demand for cloud skills is red hot right now. Azure and AWS are the two technologies that are the most requested – not only as specialists but especially in combination with other skills.

The requests for DevOps profiles are on the rise. Especially when you combine it with some of the sought-after technologies mentioned above, you're pretty much a dream candidate for many of our gigs.

The need for data talents is massive for a select group of companies, even if isn't as big in project volume as the other skillsets. Those who need data skills are willing to go the extra mile. Because there's not that much supply of senior talent, life is cozy for those who have enough years of data engineering under their belt.

If you're a salaried developer specializing in these technologies and skillsets and you're thinking of leaping to freelancing, this is a great time for that. Ping Witted Partners and we'll help you out in setting up the company and getting you the best projects.

If you’re seeing a lot of familiar techs here in this post, please let us know. Let's make things happen and get you a dream project!