Why evaluating and updating your procurement partner network matters

In the software industry, procurements and frame agreements are heavy processes, yet established in almost every company. Due to its nature (legalese and regulations), adding new partners to the network one has frame agreements with is troublesome.

However, it is important to evaluate and update the procurement partner network from time to time. Why? Because the world, the software market, and your business keep changing, and of course you want to have partners who can serve you the most efficiently. In this article we walk you through how you can make sure that your procurement partner network serves the requirements of your ever evolving business needs.

Digitalization affects business needs

Digitalization transforms every company into a software business. The ability to secure software development capability is the lifeline of a profitable and competitive business.

The need for end-to-end deliveries has decreased drastically as companies’ digital maturity has increased. Companies want to keep the core competence in their own hands as much as possible, to manage and drive their own software development. What companies need is adding resources and missing competence to the development team through outsourcing.

Through this lens, here are the main reasons why you should evaluate and update your partner network regularly.

  • The world as we know it evolves constantly. To keep ahead of competitors, one cannot stick to old ways forever.

  • Your business evolves. Your business needs are very likely different now than 10 years ago.

  • There are constantly new more agile operators and more efficient ways to do things. Companies need to examine how they can be and do better.

  • In the near future, software development will be the most business critical aspect in every company. Companies need to be able to secure it. If software development work stops, company’s development stops.

How to assess your partner network

Your competitors come up with new and more efficient ways to operate, constantly. To remain competitive, you need partners who can serve you effectively. That in mind, pay attention to the following when assessing your current or potential partners.

  • Delivery – Are they able to deliver single talents, multiple single talents for larger needs, or teams or all of the above?

  • How comprehensively can they serve you? E.g., can you kill two (or more) birds with one stone when operating with the same partner? Do your current partners aim to understand your business goals and provide solutions that tackle the root cause of issues, or just focus on the obvious issues at hand?

  • Proactive vs. reactive – Do your current partners act as enablers for your business scalability and growth, or do they only react when you give them a call?

  • Speed – Can they offer talents directly? If not, how long is the supply chain?

  • Efficiency – Most of the time a 90€/hour developer is a lot more efficient than a 60€/h developer.

  • Quality of the service.

Update your procurements partner network to secure your software development

Both the market and your business change and evolve constantly. To keep ahead of competitors, you need to secure your software development. That is why you should assess and update your procurement partner network regularly – to make sure your partners can serve you efficiently and to have the best partners securing your business continuity.

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