How to attract the best software consultants in 2022

If your company secures its software development by filling in the development team’s missing resources and competence with external software consultants, this text is for you. Here we share our insight on what kind of companies and projects are the most appealing for senior software consultants. Managing a network of over 2300 Nordic software consultants with on avg. over 10+ years of work experience has given us a pretty good idea of this matter.

Project-wise, the most attractive ones are the following:


Building something completely new from scratch is exciting! If the technical problem to be solved is new and innovative – even the first of its kind – or otherwise exceptional, software consultants are dying to work on the project.

As a side note, legacy projects can be attractive, too. When companies take digital leaps to this day and modernize their business, software consultants get to take part in a huge change and influence how the change is driven and which tools and procedures are taken into use.

Trending domains

Right now, modern domains like health tech and information security are very appealing to software consultants. Accountable and ethical companies/industries are also very attractive at the moment – software professionals want to make the world a better place.

Modern technologies

Companies that use modern programming languages like React, TypeScript, JavaScript, Vue, Node, Go, Rust, Swift, and React Native, attract software consultants better than those using old-fashioned technologies.

Of course, not everything that’s old is bad. For example, Java, C++, C and Python have been around for a long time and are most likely not going anywhere any time soon, if ever.

When it comes to companies, there are a few factors that help get the best software consultants for projects.


By paying a fair compensation, companies can show that they understand senior software consultants’ value. These talents have vast experience and deep knowledge, and they can get a lot of things done in a short period of time.


Companies that have succeeded in creating an inclusive and relaxed atmosphere – no gap between internal team members and external consultants – receive praises from software consultants. No one likes a workplace where you have to be on edge or feel like an outcast.

Experienced team

High-end talents attract other high–end talents. Moreover, experienced teams often come with fit development practices such as quality assurance, modern development environment and open communication. Also psychological safety is super important – even the most experienced talents don’t know everything and like to spar with and learn from others.

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