NeXec became a Witted company

As of today, the digital transformation business NeXec is officially part of Witted Megacorp now. We welcome all the new Witted ones, welcome all the new clients.

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    Witted Megacorp
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This new Witted company marks the beginning of a new chapter in the Witted story. We’re bigger now. Our business is broader. We’re more complete as we can offer our clients IT management and digital transformation consulting services with the addition of NeXec.

“Witted and NeXec have always shared a mission of building winning teams. We have approached the same challenge from two different angles, NeXec from leading the projects and Witted from developing the software. Now, we can build winning teams together”, says Witted Megacorp CEO Harri Sieppi.

We believe that every company will eventually become a software company. NeXec is our way of paving the path from here to there. We will get our clients the people who lead the transformation.

“Transformative programs require strong and experienced leadership to succeed. But that alone is not enough. Skilled, insightful teams are critical to actually carrying the development forward. NeXec and Witted together cater to all these needs. We provide handpicked top-talent for the customer and super-interesting opportunities for the consultants.“, says NeXec CEO Mikael Ylijoki.

Witted and NeXec have always had two parallel approaches to the same outcome – creating the digital future. Both are all about building software capabilities for their clients. Now, we’re doing it together. Everybody wins.