The Salary Level of Software Developers in Finland in 2024

Our recruitment professionals have been engaging in discussions with thousands of software developers throughout our history. Salary has been a prevalent topic in the majority of these conversations. We have participated in numerous recruitments for our client companies and have seen the difference between salary expectations and actual outcomes. This gives us insight into the salary levels of software developers in Finland in 2024.

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In addition to these discussions, we monitor publicly announced position salaries and information provided by salary data services. From this data, we have formed an understanding of typical developer salaries in Finnish companies.

The general salary level has risen in Finland over the past year, with software developers playing a significant role in this trend. A 3.5% salary adjustment was stipulated in the information technology service sector collective agreement. Other collective agreements also saw bigger than usual increases last year. These increases are understandably reflected in the salary requests of software developers in various companies.

As a contrarian factor, the market conditions and the overall economic situation appear to have influenced general salary development in a way that the rise in salaries has not exceeded the inflation by a significant margin. This differs from the experience in previous years.

In the latest salary survey conducted by Koodiklinikka, the average monthly salary was 5498 EUR (+3.2% compared to the previous year), and the median was 5300 EUR (+3.9%). This aligns with our own experiences.

Software Developer Salaries in Finland in 2024

The typical salary range for experienced software developers is 5000 to 6000 EUR per month.

When examining salaries by job title, the range expands.

For the position of Junior Developer, the typical compensation is 3500 to 4500 EUR per month. However, there are many exceptions, and developers taking their first steps often accept lower salaries.

Under the title Software Developer, the typical salary is 4500 to 5500 EUR per month.

With the Senior Developer title, experience is reflected in the salary, most often falling within the range of 5500 to 7000 EUR per month.

In Senior Developer roles, one can surpass the upper limit of the typical salary range if the compensation model is heavily performance-based, such as Witted's Mavericks model. In these models, the typical salary ranges from 7000 to 8500 EUR, and those working on well-paid projects may see substantially higher salaries.

For positions with titles like Architect and Lead Developer, the typical salary range is 6000 to 8000 EUR per month.

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