Witted helped modernize Nuuka's development team

Nuuka Solutions is a leading Software-as-a-Service provider, revolutionising how property owners and managers approach building management. During the 3.5-year cooperation, Witted helped modernize Nuuka's development team and improve development practices. Upon completion, we provided comprehensive documentation and training on the tools and processes implemented to ensure seamless future development.

Nuuka Solutions is a leading Software-as-a-Service provider, revolutionising how property owners and managers approach building management. With its cutting-edge digital twin technology and building management platform, Nuuka allows users to define, observe, and manipulate the building structure, HVAC and other systems in real time.

Using CO2, electricity, temperature, water and other sensors, they monitor the consumption data to provide actionable insights about the running of the connected buildings. Nuuka delivers a comprehensive view of building performance and analytics. Using this data, customers reduce running costs and increase energy efficiency. With real-time access to data gathered from sensors and appliances installed in the buildings, users and automated actuators can easily make informed decisions, optimise performance and diagnose maintenance issues.

Powered by AI and ML, Nuuka's services predict and optimise electricity, air, and heat consumption, making it a sought-after global solution for major real estate owners. Starting as an energy reporting software, Nuuka has evolved into a comprehensive smart building platform, helping to shape the industry's future.

"New Things Co (nowadays called Witted) has been an invaluable partner for Nuuka - helping not just developing our product, but also helping us developing ourselves as a product development organization."Jarno Pelkonen, Product Director, Nuuka Solutions

Enter from Stage Left

In 2019, Nuuka brought Witted on board to design a mobile application. We conducted multiple employee and user interviews before any concrete work started to strengthen the project requirements. However, it became evident that the actual needs of Nuuka were outside the original project specifications. Therefore, we presented the findings to Nuuka and revised the project specifications to ensure it was the right thing for them to build to ensure success.

Mass Data Visualisation

Turned data-heavy interfaces into easily digestible visualizations.

Actionable Data

Improved client decision-making capability.

Knowledge Sharing

Future-proofed development and maintenance teams.

A Change of Direction

The development of Nuuka's main SaaS platform was a significant project that required a complete overhaul of its existing design and functionality. Following the change in project direction, work began redesigning the SaaS portal from the ground up. We created initial designs and wireframes. We progressed to clickable prototypes to visually describe the new platform and its functionality so that everyone involved could envision the future of Nuuka.

During this process, we actively sought feedback from Nuuka's clients and management to ensure that the new platform met everybody's needs. In addition, the Figma-based clickable prototypes helped validate the design and concept, demonstrating that the divergence from the original project scope was warranted.

As development started, it was crucial to make the right tech choices. We considered Nuuka's existing experience and maturity, the longevity of the technology for continued growth, ease of onboarding new developers, and speed of launching a minimum viable product (MVP). By taking a holistic approach, we delivered a platform that met Nuuka's and its client's needs and set the foundation for long-term success.


Supporting the growth of a healthy development team.

Career Coaching

Ensuring team members reach their full potential.

Building a Positive Work Culture

Enhancing collaboration and communication among developers.

“I have more confidence after I have learned so much in these three years. As a result I am more eager to try new technical ways to make things happen and not automatically stick to the same old and familiar ways.” Olli Tähtinen, Frontend Developer, Nuuka Solutions

Good software is never just about the code

As part of our work on the software project, Witted made a significant impact on the development team. Our focus was not just on delivering a successful product but also on improving the development team's capabilities. To achieve this, we implemented modern workflows and development practices to streamline the team's processes and ensure their success.

Not only did we lead the frontend development from initial design phases to MVP and then to production, but also helped Nuuka to start to build their development team working culture. One of our key priorities was to support the growth and development of the junior team members. We provided them with guidance and mentorship, helping them to build their skills and reach their full potential. We also initiated a company-wide career coaching program for all developers to ensure that everyone had the opportunity to grow and succeed in their careers. By doing so, we helped to build a stronger and more effective development team.

A Trusted Partner

As the development of Nuuka's platform progressed, it became clear that additional support was needed. As more than just hired guns, we were able to help Nuuka, so our team stepped in to help recruit additional developers on multiple occasions. We aided in all aspects of the recruitment process, from performing the initial round to conducting technical interviews. Nuuka had no experience with the recruitment processes, but with our support and leadership, we could conduct joint interviews and successfully hire the candidates.

To ensure that Nuuka could continue recruiting talent effectively, we helped coach their existing team on conducting interviews. We created internal training documents to promote a positive and practical recruitment approach. With these tools in place, Nuuka is in a much better position to successfully find and hire the talent they need to drive its platform forward.

Future Proofing Development Teams and Their Software

Witted successfully completed a 3.5-year project with Nuuka, modernising the development team and improving development practices. Upon completion, we provided comprehensive documentation and training on the tools and processes implemented to ensure seamless future development.

Our aim was to enhance not just the client's technical proficiency but also their understanding of effective development processes. This involved providing ongoing coaching, mentoring, and inter-team facilitation to future-proof Nuuka's development and maintenance teams.

The result is a highly efficient system that gathers vast amounts of data into easily digestible visualisations and actionable insights, with improved software capabilities to secure the reliability of Nuuka's new SaaS platform and drive its continued development.

With Witted software development never fails

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