Building a revolutionary smart city platform

When a Norwegian municipality of Bodø needed a partner for designing and developing the base of a scalable smart city platform, New Things Co, nowadays called Witted, built a cross-border team together with Norwegian companies Feed and Smartsky. The objective wasn’t only to create the first production version, but also build the foundation for the platform where all current and future data sources could be connected to make future development smooth.

Building the base for a scalable smart city platform

It was known from the beginning that the initial budget was only there to push things rolling, without the aim of getting too many things ready. This in mind, the key aspects of the development were to build a scalable solution that would enable all municipalities to join the ecosystem. This required a strong foundation that would support all current and future data sources that could be used to create different services on top of the platform. In addition, the aim was to design and develop the first added-value services on top of the platform.

Saving lives with a situational awareness service

The first identified service needed to be built was a situational awareness service for the fire department. For this, the team integrated multiple data sources from building archive systems to some real-time data sources to give the fire department easy access to all relevant information while rushing to the fire scene. The ability to form a situational image fast brings clarity for the potentially life-threatening situations.

To make everything work like charm, the technical side of the service included e.g. extendable digital twin database of the infrastructure, integrations into multiple archive databases to enable the system to search from all different archives, as well as a collector for sensor data to centralize data, and time series databases for analytic purposes. Moreover, Azure AD integration and an authorization service with SCIM support were used.

"Together we embarked on a journey to create something truly innovative. Witted's team brought their expertise and unique perspective to the table, helping us to push boundaries and explore new possibilities. The seamless collaboration allowed us to develop a platform that exceeded our expectations. This platform has the potential to revolutionize the everyday lives but also the lives of those who put themselves in the front line everyday to protect us." Thomas Dragseth, Founder & CEO of Smartsky

The pan-Nordic joint project was a success, and the situational awareness service together with the smart city base platform are actively used by Bodø municipality.

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