DNA recruited over 20 top experts with Witted's growth consultant

When Finland's leading telecommunications company DNA needed extra help in their recruitment team to ease the workload, they turned to Witted for help. Growth consultant Tia Heimala's diverse experience in recruitment and leadership tasks proved to be a significant asset for DNA: Over six months, Tia participated in 21 recruitments, contributed to the development of DNA's recruitment processes, and assisted in numerous development projects of varying sizes.

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Managers introduced to the world of modern IT recruitment

DNA has been recognized several times as an excellent employer, and for good reason. The company invests in employer branding and constantly strives to develop modern work practices. Although DNA has strong internal IT expertise, it may not be the first choice that IT professionals consider when thinking about potential employers. With the focus of the collaboration being on finding their own IT experts, there was plenty of work to be done in both recruitment and employer branding.

In collaboration with the growth consultant, the recruitment team delved deeper into the world of modern recruitment. The team had just hired their own IT recruitment professional, with whom Tia regularly exchanged ideas regularly. In addition, hiring managers were trained in the realities of the heated IT recruiting market, the needs of the target audience, and the ins and outs of modern recruitment.

"My own start at DNA in a new job during a busy period went smoothly because DNA had taken care of resources in advance, and the team had been temporarily expanded by inviting Tia for assistance. I had enough time to familiarize myself with my new tasks when the workload was evenly distributed within the team." Mikko Rämänen, Talent Attraction and Recruitment Advisor, DNA

Comprehensive development of recruitment

DNA hired 21 top experts with the help of Witted's growth consultant. In addition to IT recruitments, numerous development projects were carried out together with the recruitment team. Topics included the development of the recruitment process, strengthening the direct search culture as part of DNA's recruitment, a 101 training in modern recruitment for managers, creating support materials for different stages of the recruitment process, and improving applicant communication.

An experienced consultant knew how to help right where needed

Six months of collaboration yielded desired results. DNA has better tools to achieve its growth goals now. With the growth consultant's assistance, DNA was able to simultaneously even out the workload of the recruitment team, improve its recruitment processes, and train managers in the intricacies of modern recruitment. Additionally, the consultant brought insights from other environments and helped develop new practices that fit DNA. The collaboration was efficient, as the experienced growth consultant could work independently and share expertise widely throughout the organization.

"I was relatively new in my role, and Tia's previous experience in different environments was a tremendous benefit to me through our coaching sessions. Working with Tia was really enjoyable, and she is a true industry professional!" Susanna Raitala, Talent Attraction and Recruitment Lead, DNA