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Service designer for the music area

Start: 21.08.2023
Duration: 30.06.2024
Deadline: 12.06.2023
Allocation: 100%
Location: Oslo
Language: Norwegian

We are thinly staffed in the Technology Division in the music area and we want to understand how we should equip ourselves to face the future. Therefore, we are now looking for a service designer, who can help us gain insight - both internally and externally - so that we can prioritize correctly going forward

Responsibilities and tasks
Responsibility for mapping needs related to the music area at NRK
Gain insight by being close to internal users in the music area at NRK
Prepare future user journeys related to the area in close dialogue with professionals and users, and contribute to translating this into solution proposals.
Map existing systems and what value they provide to users and NRK today.
Seek knowledge from other similar media houses and from existing and competing suppliers and challenge the organization on established truths and solutions.
Familiarize yourself with the requirements and expectations for what music NRK publishes, especially with regard to new Norwegian music, and how we report this to the authorities.
Document and present findings

Who are you
You have strong problem-solving skills, the ability to think critically and you are detail-oriented.
You have strong analytical and quantitative skills.
You have deep knowledge of UX design principles, user-centric research methods and best practices.
You are able to deal with several projects at the same time.
You are able to work with cross-functional teams.
You have the ability to create good relationships, cooperation and understanding between types of people and areas of expertise.
You have the ability to facilitate workshops and facilitate user involvement
You have the ability to obtain different perspectives from stakeholders in NRK
You are able to document findings in an easy-to-understand manner
You are technology neutral and remain unbiased towards any specific technology or vendor choice. You are more interested in results than personal preferences
You are able to build trust with internal users
You show intellectual curiosity and integrity
You are motivated and driven to achieve long-term improvements
You are able to work effectively in a team environment, but also independently
You have an interest in music and understand NRK's mission and obligations

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