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Lead Frontend & Senior Frontend (2 roles) - Angular

Start: ASAP
Duration: Long term
Allocation: 100%
Location: Oslo
Roles: 2

We're now looking for a Lead Frontend Developer and a Senior Frontend Developer with expertise in Angular. Although these roles mainly focus on the Frontend, is it positive if you have expertise in Java and can work Fullstack.

The customer creates a workspace for collaboration in the energy industry. They build software that seeks to change the way people work, manage and operate, and the way they produce, harvest and use energy. They will affect industries beyond petroleum, and change the way we explore and utilize renewable energy.

1. Lead Frontend
Tech: Angular. The person needs to be a solid Frontend Developer.
Area: Visual Construction Planning.

Visual Construction Planning, in short called VCP, is a tool to define the construction method in larger construction projects. VCP is an application that allows method engineering to be done in a 3D tool simultaneously and aligned with design engineering ensuring a well bridged E and C (as in EPC, Engineering, Procurement & Construction). The result is a design that incorporates the intent of the construction method and minimizing the possibility of misalignment within the project.

In VCP the user can build up a construction hierarchy based on the building method and connect the different levels of the hierarchy to the 3D model and the engineering hierarchy.

Hundred of thousands and more physical pieces also needs to be planned in a logical sequence. In VCP you can create different sequences which again makes it more efficient for the project planners to understand the construction method and derive an optimal plan. When we have assured a better alignment in EPC - founded on the construction method - we reduce the risk of out of sequence work in construction. Setting construction up for success by allowing all planned activities to be executed in the correct phase.

The setup of the construction hierarchy is based on a template rule with both generic rules, and type and method specific rules.

2. Senior frontend
Tech: Angular
Area: Information Exchange

Information Exchange(IX) is a web-based information management portal for transfer of structured data between suppliers and projects.

Information Exchange allows for more efficient collection and collaboration on structured technical data from suppliers than existing processes typically based around sending documents (PDFs, Excel sheets etc.) on email. All access to the tool and the data it contains are strictly governed by roles with specific access privileges in order to ensure that users only have access to relevant data for their role.

Contact Henrik Tufte at +47 90 095 685 or for more information

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