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Site Reliability Engineer

Our customer within the information and communication field is looking for a SRE (Site Reliability Engineer) to join the project! SREs are responsible for ensuring that customer’s services are available, the underlying infrastructure is properly functioning, and other internal tools, processes, and systems are working as expected. An essential responsibility also includes monitoring critical applications and related services to ensure availability during critical business hours.

In the centre of this project are following:
- Thoroughly analyse assigned systems and supported business to understand design and functionality in relation to stakeholder needs.
- Identify, establish, and uphold appropriate system Service Level Objectives (SLOs) together with the team and implement the use of error budgets along with policies/consequences for deviating from them.
- Ensure observability and monitoring of relevant systems. Provide guidelines and educate the product teams on observability practices/standards around metrics, logs and traces.
- Proactively seek out system weaknesses and find ways to fix them before they cause production issues using monitoring data, watching trends, and using Chaos Engineering.
- Build automated solutions and tools to help debug and resolve problems in production and prevent them from reoccurring.
- Lead blameless post-mortems for incidents together with different product teams and vendors.
- Be part of on-call rotations to ensure SLOs are met, with the goal of eliminating the need for support outside of office hours.

In order to success in the project, the candidate should find themselves in these:
- Senior level expertise in Software Development
- Tech skills in: Database management systems and SQL, Containerization with OpenShift/Kubernetes, Integration though Kafka and message queues, as well as Java and Cloud (Azure/AWS). Experience at all levels of the technology stack, i.e. Infrastructure, Database, API, components and front-end.
- Proven experience in developing production-grade, performant, scalable and durable applications.
- Hands on experience of managing complex, high-volume applications/components in production critical environments.
- Experience of performance tuning techniques, stability patterns and scalability approaches.
- Experience of fact-based, data-driven problem solving and communication.
- Academic degree in systems development, or equivalent knowledge and skills acquired through work experience and continuing professional education.

If you on top of the list find yourself as a great leader with strong analytical skills with structured way of working, we’re quite sure that our customer would love to hear from you!

Duration: Start ASAP and the length is at least 6 months
Language: English (Swedish is an advantage)
Allocation: 100%
Location: Solna

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