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Senior Python Developer

Our customer, who changed the way the world listens to music, is looking for a Senior Python Developer to join their top notch team to maintain and develop customer's core systems. Does this sound interesting to you? Keep reading to find out more! 🎵

What you’ll do:
- Help the client to move out of a monorepo, create new API’s and/or doing migrations.
- Be a valued member of an autonomous, cross-functional agile team.
- Design, develop and deploy backend services with a focus on high availability, low latency and scalability.
- Work closely with other teams to make sure that you collaboratively provide for the company’s short- and long-term goals, differentiating between building what is asked for and what is truly needed in the domain.

In order to succeed in this role, you:
- Are familiar working with scalable distributed systems in the payment technology
- Are more than comfortable writing Python (+10 years of experience). We assume you also know Java.
- Look at programming languages as tools and not constraints. You’re not afraid to go out of your comfort zone.
- Know and care about sound engineering practices like continuous delivery and automated testing and have experience in working on cloud platforms like GCP.
- Are passionate about what you do and have a high interest in keeping up with current best practices in your areas of expertise.
- Have experience in working within the e-commerce, subscription or payments domain.

Sounds interesting? Hit us up and let's discuss 💥

Allocation: 100%
Start: July
Duration: 4 months
Location: Remote
Language: English

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