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Recruiting IT professionals and executives can be a tough job. When you need senior tech talent, either on an ongoing or single-project basis, our talent acquisition solutions make your recruitment easy as pie! Choose between outsourced talent acquisition and in-house recruitment consulting, and leave a selected part or the entire recruitment process to us. We serve you in these fields with our growth consulting and recruitment brand Talented. You can be confident you’re recruiting the best IT talent.

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In-house Recruitment Consulting

Witted’s in-house recruitment consulting offers you the most flexible and versatile way to hire technical and creative roles while leveling up and streamlining your recruitment processes. Whether you need an extra pair of hands to carry out recruitment processes or support to make them more efficient, we’ve got you.

Our in-house consultants will take responsibility for a selected part of the recruitment process or the entire process, as per your needs, in the following areas:

  • Sourcing, headhunting, screening
  • Technical evaluations and interviews, testing
  • Developing recruitment process and candidate experience
  • International recruitments
  • Recruitment strategies


Recruitment Consulting / Meru Health

Working with Talented Growth Consultant was like they were part of our team – easy, unprompted and efficient. We hired two senior developers and one extremely experienced designer in one month. One could not really do any better than this.

Albert Nazander
CTO & Co-founder, Meru Health

Recruitment Consulting / VR

Talented understood VR's need very quickly and helped us to refine it. The consulting process wasn't a loose but inseparable part of our daily work and creating a new company culture.

Antti Kleemola
CDO, VR Group


Outsourced Talent Acquisition

There are so many components that go into successful tech recruitment. Not only do you need to ensure you offer comprehensive benefits for your new hires so they’ll be motivated to sign on the dotted line, you’ll also need to define and clearly communicate the tech stack you need. Then, you’ll need to write amazing, enticing job ads… and ensure the right top-notch talent who match your needs see them.

That’s why Witted is here, to offer you the easiest and most efficient way to recruit IT professionals and executives. We do the heavy lifting of searching, vetting, and introducing you to pre-validated candidates matching your needs, with interest in your organization and industry. Instead of dealing with the hassle and resource sink of application review and talent sourcing, Witted gives you the direct link to candidates who meet your criteria.

  • Single challenge needs
  • Ongoing needs
  • Specialists
  • Generalists
  • C-level recruitments


Outsourced Talent Acquisition / Funzi

Funzi's goal is bigger than life as we're building something that has never been done before. In a situation like this it's very important that people to be hired share the same goal and believe in it. Talented understood our needs and found really high-class candidates for us.

Aape Pohjavirta
Founder, Funzi

Outsourced Talent Acquisition / Brella

We started the process of hiring a CTO being aware that it is one of the most critical recruitments. The whole process was really humane and Talented seemed to be genuinely interested in us and our needs.

Hanna Kontinen
Head of Talent & Culture, Brella


With outsourced talent acquisition, you get to decide between a one time fee or a monthly fee. In addition, we require a 3000 EUR payment up front, which will be deducted from any possible fees after your successful recruitment.

One time fee: 20% of the Yearly Salary of the hired person

Monthly fee: 2% of Yearly Salary of the hired person

+ For the duration of the employment if under 12 months

+ Up to a maximum of 12 months

With in-house recruitment consulting, the pricing is hourly based. Hourly rate is agreed according to project length, difficulty and scope.

  1. Tiina Suuronen

    Sales, Finland

  2. Patrick Høiby

    Sales, Norway