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Attract and retain the best IT talent

Every company has a brand, whether it’s built actively or not. Don’t leave your brand to speculation – Witted helps organizations to utilize the power of their employer brand and attract the best IT professionals with minimum effort and cost, and reap the rewards of high employee retention. We support companies' organic growth by developing employee experiences and employer brands with sustainable solutions.

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Resolving employer branding challenges

The ever-growing realm of digitalization will only make the competition over the best IT professionals tougher. To attract and retain talent, you need a strong employer brand.

Employer branding is to affect how current and potential employees perceive your company as an employer and how the company is promoted to prospective employees. It is a complex function that combines both experiential and communicative elements, resulting from managers’ strategic decisions, talent acquisition activities, people operations and communication efforts. We help you resolve the challenges of employer branding.

Employer Branding Challenges

Unknown employer

If the target group, in this case IT talents, does not see a company as a digital employer, the company does not exist for potential employees. We help you reach your target audience in the right channels with the right message effectively through carefully designed recruitment marketing and employer brand communication.

  • Career pages
  • Content production
  • Campaigns
Employer Branding Challenges

Poor differentiation

More and more employees choose their employer based on individual needs, life situation and interests. The better companies can differentiate themselves from competitors and define what kind of employees they are looking for and what they have to offer for them, the better they can attract the right talent. We help you adjust both cultural and fringe benefits offering so that you can answer your target group’s characteristic needs.

  • Mapping the current situation
  • Personas
  • Pull factors
  • Competitor survey

Replacement recruitments

If new recruitments only grow the team temporarily, investing in employee experience and happiness will bring better results than increasing recruitment volume. We can give you third party insight on your current situation and provide suggestions on applicable actions.

  • Mapping current employee experience
  • Metrics

New company

Focusing on building the employer brand from the start gives a solid ground for efficient recruitments and growth. Witted helps startups to create employer brand guidelines as well as plan and execute marketing activities according to company resources.

  • Competitor analysis
  • Target groups
  • Employer Value Proposition
  • Marketing Communication plan
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