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3 What is this policy for?


Witted is a group of amazing companies joining forces to make your life easier. We collect certain personal data about our existing and potential customers, partners, freelancers applying for an agent and recruitment candidates. And we want to be open about it.

Witted collects this data so that we are, for example, able to respond to requests for new business and process agent and job applications sent to us. We also use analytics on our website to learn more about how it is used and how we can improve it. 

In this Privacy Policy, you’ll find details about the data we collect about you and how we use it to make our services work in the best possible way for you.


4 What data do we collect and how do we use it?


Freelancers looking for projects & software professionals looking for a job


If you apply for an agent or seek help for your next career steps, we’ll collect the following information about you (you may have provided this on our website, or we’ve obtained it during the contacting process):

We use this data only for the purposes of processing your application, communicating with you and to find out the relevant professional information required for finding you the best jobs and/or projects. This means that we use this data for presenting your skills and employment history to potential employers and cooperation partners who are looking for talent in our platform. We do not share your information with anyone else, unless it is expressly required by applicable laws or requests by public authorities.


Recruitment candidates


If you apply to become a Witted one, we’ll collect the following information about you (you may have provided this on our website, or we’ve obtained it during the recruitment process):

We use this data only for the purposes of processing your application and communicating with you during our recruitment process. We do not share your information with anyone else, unless it is expressly required by applicable laws or requests by public authorities.


Customers, Partners and other contacts


If you are an existing Witted customer or have approached us regarding new business opportunities, in order to be able to stay in touch with you, we collect and process the following data:

We obtain this data when you send contact requests to us, by receiving data from a reliable public source such as public company databases, or in the context of our services to you or your dealings with us (e.g. contact details to communicate with you about our existing customer relationship).


We use this data for


We do not share your data outside Witted’s group companies (the Witted companies), unless expressly required by applicable laws or relevant authorities. At your permission we may share your data to our trusted partners if making your request happen requires us to do so.

Witted has a legitimate interest to process the above listed personal data for the purposes described above. This interest is based on your connection with us and concerns e.g. your position in a company related to us or your direct request to us.


5 Cookies and analytics


We use cookies on our website to improve its user experience. Cookies are small text files that a browser saves on your device and they are used, for example, when a service wants to save your information when moving from one website to another. Some of the cookies are deemed as necessary for a website to function properly. Others make us wiser in how we can help you even better. If you don’t want to use cookies, you can change your cookie settings at any time in your browser. When accessing our website you can also choose to allow only the necessary ones. Please note that disabling cookies might impact how our website functions.

When you access our website, we ask for your consent to allow us to store the following cookies on your device:


6 Transfer of data outside of the EEA


Data on existing and potential customers, freelancers and recruitment candidates may be stored by Trello, Inc., Slack Technologies LLC and/or PipeDrive OÜ, U.S. based service providers as necessary for processing the customer and recruitment data. In certain cases our partners who offer jobs and projects and talents applying for a project and have access to the Witted company Talented’s Hub platform may be located outside of the EEA and, therefore, may access your data from outside of the EEA.

In such cases Witted ensures the legality of such data transfer by having entered into appropriate contracts with such service providers to ensure the lawful processing of your data. Such contracts include the standard contractual clauses based on the decision of the European Commission of 5 February 2010 on standard contractual clauses for the transfer of personal data to processors established in third countries.


7 How long do we store your data?


We store the data concerning our existing customers, requests for new business co-operations, freelancers and recruitment candidates only as long as is necessary for the respective purpose. Since this period depends on the case at hand, we review the necessity of our data regularly and erase data when it is no longer needed.


8 What rights do you have concerning your data?


You have the right to request access to, erasing and correcting your personal data as held and processed by Witted, as well as to send us any other requests based on then applicable data protection laws (e.g. request restriction of processing of the data). Further, you always have the right to prohibit us from sending newsletters or other marketing messages to you. Please send any requests concerning your data to the email address set out above in Section 2.

Data protection laws are supervised in Finland by the Finnish Data Protection Ombudsman. If you have questions belonging to the jurisdiction of the Data Protection Ombudsman, or if you wish to lodge a complaint regarding processing of personal data, you may contact the Data Protection Ombudsman’s office as instructed at


9 How do we secure your data?


We consider all personal data we collect to be confidential. Your data can only be accessed by the Witted employees or our group company employees when it is necessary for them to perform their work related to your data.

The network and equipment of the Witted group companies and its partners have been secured by using appropriate measures to protect the personal data against unauthorised access and accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration, disclosure, transfer or other unlawful forms of processing.

We may outsource our processing of personal data to external service providers. In such events we enter into appropriate agreements with the providers in order to ensure that your personal data is processed confidentially and in accordance with this Privacy Policy and any applicable laws.


10 Changes to this Privacy Policy


We may update this Privacy Policy as we improve our website and operations. The updated policy will be made available on our website.