Witted Data - For companies

Data-driven business success

When your data team needs extra strength and wits, our senior consultants come to help design, process, build and scale your data solutions. We turbocharge your business with data.

Exceed your goals with our data pros

We work with digitally mature companies who want to be in the forefront of data utilization. Be it scaling your data team easily based on ongoing demand or needing a consultant to build your data solutions, we've got you.

We're not the ones for waterfall projects and adding extra management layers. Instead of end-to-end deliveries, we provide the needed experts and become a part of your data team. Witted Data turbocharges your business.

Senior data professionals

We offer senior Data Engineers and Data Architects for solving demanding data challenges with the latest technologies. From designing, processing, building and scaling data solutions, our consultants are capable of adding vast expertise to your team from day one.

Our fleet of professionals is not tied to any single platform provider, so whether you're looking for experts on Azure, AWS, GCP or other platforms, we've got it all.


  1. Veli-Matti Vikman

    Business Lead, Witted Data