Witted Data Rewrites the Rules to Create the Best Work Life for Data Pros

It’s time to fix the work life for data, analytics and AI professionals. Witted has done a similar move in several fields within IT and succeeded. We’ve done this for senior developers both in salaried work and freelancers. We’ve done this for IT recruiters. Our growth from zero to 30 million EUR and going public in just slightly over five years is proof of our model working. Now, it’s data experts’ turn.

There is a great demand for data professionals, no question about it. Our mission is to create the best possible workplace for these valued pros.

We identified two core factors that data professionals appreciate: interesting work in a digitally mature environment and a hefty salary.

Starting with the environment – we have noticed in our Witted Partners and Mavericks businesses that the companies who are digitally mature shouldn’t usually (and don’t want to!) buy end-to-end software deliveries. They have the capability and willingness to lead the development themselves. Data and analytics are the same in that sense. If you know how to drive the development, you should keep the software and data capabilities in-house. This leads to a strong connection between the development and business objectives and builds sustainable long-term capability.

When you’re a consultant and you’re a part of a client-led team, you know that you’re doing meaningful work with people who know their stuff. You’re one of the team, not a hired gun. The challenges you will be solving are more likely to be professionally challenging and meaningful.

How about the salary? Data experts are usually paid well. Witted Data pays even better. Our compensation model enables exceptional salaries as your salary is dependent on the revenue you generate. Considering the dire need for data professionals, this is bound to lead to high salaries.

How can we promise this with a business that just started? Well, we’ve got a track record already. Our experience of a similar model for software developers in our Mavericks subsidiary has led consistently to over 7200 EUR average monthly salary, which is among the best in the Finnish market. We are expecting similar results for the Data side of things, too.

Are you a senior data engineer or a senior data architect? Let’s make your work life better. Apply through our job announcements or email me for more information.

  1. Veli-Matti Vikman

    Business Lead, Witted Data